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Monday, 17 December 2012

Udaipur Tourist Attractions- Spritual Places

Temples And Monuments In Udaipur

It is true that holiday means enjoyment but visiting the same type of place can tend to be boring for you. To bring a variety to your tour to Udaipur you can reserve a day for travelling to the places of worship that are in Udaipur. Though there are innumerable tourist places in Udaipur but a visit to the some of the prominent temples in and around Udaipur city will make your journey fruitful.
The famous temples of Udaipur are the Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple, Eklingji temple, and Nathdwara. You can find the details of these Udaipur temples in our other section. Unlike temples there are innumerable festivals in Udaipur but these festivals are somewhat unique in Udaipur. Generally festivals are related to some gods or spiritual concept. But an art festival held in Udaipur with great pomp and show and it is nowhere related to god but of course has a very decent concept behind it. The Shilpigram festival is actually a display of the Rajasthani rural arts and architecture.


If you have an extra liking for stone carvings then you can enjoy those detailed carvings even in Udaipur i.e. is in Rajasthan. Though it is not widely known as that of the khajuraho but then you will have a pleasure in viewing those exotic carvings in tranquil cool atmosphere. Also a vacation in the famous temples of Udaipur or places of worship in Udaipur will heal your tormented mind and soul.


The famous saying of Unity in diversity has again proved true over here. The Jagannath temple is a quite famous temple and god in Bengal. Again the same temple god with a different name also exists in Udaipur. In Udaipur city it is known as Jagdish temple.
Jagdish temple in Udaipur again has many options of transport. Like if you are staying in Udaipur then you can easily hire auto rickshaws and taxis. But you have to be little careful, as they don't have a meter facility. Ask the hotel authorities or the native person about the right fares required for reaching your desired place and then hire a taxi or any other vehicle.


A tour should be a mixture of all types of destination be it spiritual scenic or any glamorous attractions. If you find the concept quite convincing then make a sure visit to the Kankroli temple in Udaipur, which is in Rajasthan. If you are touring to the temples of Udaipur from somewhere away from the city then you can easily find all the possible ways of transport. If you want to travel by air then you can find flights from Delhi, Mumbai sector.
Kankroli temple is also known as Dwarkadheesh temple where the principal idol is Lord Krishna. Dwarkadheesh is the other name of lord Krishna. It is said that the principal shrine of this Kankroli temple is brought from Mathura. It is an important temple for the Vaishnavas and even among the Vallabhacharyas.


Another place that can add some lofty feelings to your mind is the temple in Nathdwara. Though Udaipur is populated with temples, to explore more about the mythical tales of India make a sure visit to the Nathdwara temple in Udaipur. Spiritual minded tourists attracted largely to the Udaipur temples. Though Nathdwara is few kilometers away from Udaipur there are also many popular temples to be traveled in Udaipur.
Nathdwra is 48 kms in the north east of Udaipur. Traveling to Nathdwara temple from Udaipur by the rental coaches will take some 90 minutes. The Nathdwara temple is situated on the banks of Banas River. If you are traveling to Nathdwara temple by public transport then also it is quite easy as there is frequent communication system from Udaipur. The nearest railway junction to Nathdwara is Mavli. The word Nathdwara means the 'gate of the lord'. Nathdwara is a famous pilgrimage for the Hindus. The principal shrine in this temple is Shrinathji, which is again another form of Lord Krishna.


The principle temple in this Ranakpur temple complex is the 'Chaumukha' or 'the Four-faced temple'. It is dedicated to Lord Adinath or the first Jain teacher also known as 'thirthankar'. This Ranakpur temple is built on 1439 is exquisitely carved and maintained well. The temple is brilliantly planned with its 29 halls and 1444 pillars. The 1444 pillars on which the structure stands are uniquely designed and none of the pillars are same as of the other. The shading of light and darkness is amazing. It is said to be one among the five important piligrimage centers of Jains.


The main tourist attraction in Dhuler is the Rishabdeo temple. For Jains and Bhils while making an Udaipur tour a visit to the Rishabdeo temple nearby Udaipur is a must. Lord Mahavira is the founder of the Jainism sect and Rishabdeo is said to one of his forms. The idol in the Rishabdeo temple is about 1 meter tall and it is made up of black marble. It is located in the midst of the highway that leads to Ahmedabad. The Bhils find some familiarity with the black marble idol of Rishabdeo with their dark-skin complexion. While the Jains believe that the idol is related to the reign of Rama and Sita. The Bhils has great regards for the Rishabdeo temple, as they believe that all their desires and wants are fulfilled over here.


Udaipur temple travel guidelines can never be complete without the mention of Eklingji temple. Though our sections are adequately descriptive, with most of the details of small and big temples it can never be a proper tourist information guide without the mention of eklingji temple, which is, situated 24 kms away from Udaipur.
There is a continuous flexible communications facility to the Kailashpuri from Udaipur city. Apart from rental coaches and deluxe cars you can also journey to the eklingji temple at Udaipur by frequent buses. The buses are available in plenty at the Udaipur bus station. It takes about 30 minutes to reach from the main Udaipur bus station to the temple. It is in this small town of Kailashpuri that the ancient eklingji temple built by the rulers of Mewar dynasty stands. The eklingji temple of Udaipur has 108 temples within it and it is made up of sandstone and marble. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Shiva who was the savoir of the Maharajas of Mewar.

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  1. Udaipur tourism The ‘City of Lakes’, the ‘ Venice of the East’. Travellers describe Udaipur as “Hill-tops, lakes, and palaces”, “huge water bodies, lots of greenery, and hills in an otherwise barren and arid land of Rajasthan”. Another traveler wrote “a quaint, quiet old town with a plethora of historical monuments to visit”.
    Its nice to visit. The Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Udaipur the world, arising out of the Turquoise Waters of the Pichola like an elegant fantasy in white marble.