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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Heritage Property, Palace, Royal Stay Accommodation rental, booking Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Heritage Property, Palace, Royal  Stay Accommodation rental, booking Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

250 Years old renowned Famous Heritage Hotel , Palace Haveli
This 250 Year Old Nagar Seth Ri Haveli has become a famous heritage site today In Udaipur city this Haveli situated on the Bank of famous road Jadiyon Ki oll (From Gantaghar (Clock Tower) to Samor Bagh). haveli is easily approachable from City Palace to Ganerao Ki Ghati and from Surajpole via Shrinath JI ki Haveli. This 250 year old Antique Haveli is very much famous for its Architecture, historical wall Painting,Beautiful Halls and Gokhdas decorated with numger of Blegium glasses.

This Haveli is Known for its historical wall paintings in Italion fresco called Boono fresco. 18th century Mewar witnessed repeated invasions by Maratha Baji Rao Pehwa who imposed heavy taxes compelled Mewar to enter into a treaty Constant plundering by Pindar robbers also hit the state badly

To reinstate the pristine glory of Mewar, Col. James Tod advised Maharana Bhim Singh to invite Shri Jorawrmal Ji Bapna of Jaisalmer. At that time he was prime minister of Indore Holkar state. Very well acquainted with the high moral values of Mewar people, Seth Jorawarmal Ji gladly accepted Maharana’s Proposition and joined the Mewar governmentMaharana offered this historical to Seth JI and this is how the haveli came to be Known as.
Seth JI Ri Haveli”


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